Business liability

Provides coverage if you’re liable for damage to another person or other people’s belongings, including those of your client. This insurance is active during your shifts via Temper.

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What is business liability insurance?

This type of insurance protects you if you’re liable for damage to a person (‘personal injury’) or other people’s belongings (‘material damage’). You’re also covered if you accidentally damage the items that you work with during your shift (this is called ‘care, custody and control’, and is specifically about the items that belong to your client), so you can truly work worry-free!

Some example scenarios that are covered

  1. You walk up to a customer with an order. As you’re walking, you don’t see another customer’s bag blocking your path. You stumble and drop two cups of coffee on someone’s laptop. (Covered: other people’s belongings)
  2. You’ve just finished mopping a floor, when someone comes running. They don’t notice that the floor is still wet, slip, and break an arm. (Covered: personal injury)
  3. You’re using a mixer in your client’s kitchen. You accidentally drop it, and it’s broken. (Covered: care, custody and control)

Some example scenarios that are not covered

  1. You’re serving customers and accidentally drop a glass of red wine. Luckily, it doesn’t end up on the customer, but your brand new white shoes are no longer white… (Not covered: personal belongings)
  2. You get into an argument with a customer  while working. It leads to a fight, and you give them quite the punch. The customer ends up with a broken nose, and you end up with a lawsuit. (Not covered: intent)
  3. You have to pick something up, using your client’s car. As you’re parking, you hit a pole and end up with a dent. (Not covered: motor vehicles)

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Want to know more about what is and isn’t covered? Check out the summary of the terms and conditions.
Need to file a claim? Let us know through this form. Tell us what happened, and we’ll get to work.

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